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+1 208-345-4245

Please email us for any support questions or refund requests. We can only receive requests through email.

Q. How can I request a refund?

Please contact the support team at and they will be able to process your refund for you quickly and easily. We want this program to help as many people as possible.

Q. Do you provide physical products?

At this time there is only a digital download version of the program available. Stay tuned as that may change in the future!

Q. Where are my product links?

Once you purchase the program you will receive a "welcome" email that contains your product links. Please check your spam folder if you haven't received the email. Click the button that says “Report Not Spam” to move it to your inbox.

Q. How often should I do the exercises?

Most people like to do these exercises 3-4x per week. If they make you feel amazing, you can practice them every day. If you feel sore, take a day off because rest is just as important!

Q. Will these exercises work if I have a specific medical condition?

Pelvic Floor Strong is a gentle, low-impact exercise program. However, the exercises may not work for everyone. Please consult with your physician if you have any medical concerns.