Women Over 40: In an age of women’s empowerment, it is time we start normalizing the conversation around bladder leakage.

A shocking and recent study from Harvard University reported an estimated 45% of women experience some form of urinary incontinence at some point in their lives. That's almost half of all women and reason enough that it is time for change. And that’s why every woman reading this letter today is extraordinarily brave for taking the next few minutes to learn the simple upper body technique that will stop bladder leakage for life.

Alex Miller.
Alex Miller.

It truly doesn’t have to be this way. Women are suffering in silence and it has been ingrained in us that this is just a normal part of aging. What most women don’t realize is that there is actually an underlying condition causing this problem and once it’s fixed you’ll be able to get back to easy movements without fear of leakage, you’ll no longer have to worry about leaking every time you laugh in the movie theater or sneeze during allergy season.

You’re going to love that not only will your bladder leakage be healed, but your belly pooch will flatten and your back pain will be permanently gone.

And there are two main forms of urinary incontinence...

  • Stress incontinence, which occurs when women leak urine when laughing, sneezing, coughing, jumping, or exercising—when there’s any impact or increase of pressure on the pelvic floor.

  • Urgency incontinence, which occurs when women have a strong urge to go to the bathroom and urine leaks out before they get there. These women tend to go to the bathroom frequently throughout the day and even wake up to go at night.

...and they are both related to one hidden condition that was discovered by a Physical Therapist who studied at Charles University School of Medicine in Prague in 1952.

The unconventional research articles by this Physical Therapist have now been rediscovered and women from around that world have found the secret to stopping urinary incontinence in just seconds a day... I’ll be showing you this gentle technique next.

“It’s been a life saver. It’s truly been a life saver because I was kept in my house. Forget COVID, forget lockdowns. I was stuck in my own body because I was afraid to go out because I didn’t want to pee myself. This program, it’s literally given me wings, it’s literally given me a new life.”

“I no longer have any kind of accidents. I no longer have to worry, oh my gosh, I better find that toilet quick. I don’t have to worry about that anymore. I have not had one accident since I started.”

Hi, I'm Alex Miller!

Alex Miller.

I am a fitness expert and women’s pelvic health specialist from Vancouver, Canada, known best for helping women heal their bodies. My online programs have reached hundreds of thousands of women around the world of all ages.

Since 2012, I have taught close to one million students from around the world how to get fit and healthy while overcoming unique challenges that only women face. Helping women feel confident and better about themselves is what gets me out of bed everyday.

I have been featured at some of the most elite fitness studios in the world and my wall to wall packed classes are attended weekly by top leaders in the health industry, such as chiropractors, physical therapists, professional athletes and some of the best known movie celebrities in the world.

Over the years you will find me featured in podcasts, magazines and several large social media channels for the work I have done helping women of all ages.

But there’s a lot more to me than my successes...
I’m here today to talk about much harder times

Family photo.

You wouldn’t have recognized me years before...

When our family was struck with the most horrific moment of our lives...

And we thought life would never be the same again…

The look of fear and distress on my mom’s face...

As she held her eyes tightly shut...

And hung up the phone.

I have Triple Negative Breast Cancer...
a rare, life-threatening and aggressive disease

We were all in shock and devastated by the news.

We didn’t know at the time that the life-threatening surgeries, destructive chemotherapy and painful radiation would take away everything she loved about being a woman...

Affecting her pelvic muscles... bladder health... and self-confidence.

In that one, short phone call...

Her entire life changed

Pelvic floor. Pelvic floor.

The pelvic floor is a woven basket of muscles that hold your bladder, uterus and bowels.

The pelvic floor relaxes to allow us to urinate or have a bowel movement.

It contracts to stop the flow of urine, tightens the vaginal opening or prevents us from passing stool or gas.

If you have ever experienced accidental leakage you will want to keep watching... because I’m about to show you the most important pelvic strengthening exercises you’ll find anywhere.

They’re crucial if you want to
get back to living an active lifestyle

As well, in this short presentation...

You’re going to learn about the one tight muscle in your upper body...

That has been damaging your pelvic muscles... Making everything weak down below.

If you are one of the millions of Americans who suffer from leaking whenever you cough, sneeze or lift something heavy...

I’m so sorry for what you’ve been going through.

I understand how it impacts everything from your social life to your very identity.

Pain in the shoulder.

And that’s why I’m here to help you

Patient in hospital.

My mom’s pelvic muscles were frail...

Whenever she went out shopping she would end up with wet pants.

She even told me about a few different occasions where she would have to RUN across the grocery store to find the restroom.


Worried man.

While this was all happening my body was quietly destroying itself from the inside out.

I was on the verge of losing everything.

My dreams of getting pregnant were failing and because of that, my partner wanted to leave me.

I know how deeply this condition can change your life…

And impact the people around you, too.

If you ever felt like
you had to wear dark colored pants...

in case you leak in public, you’re not alone.

I used to feel the exact same way, and I’m going to show you...

 Woman peed her pants.

I am finally able to jump and run again!

Jump and run.

Not only did I cure my leaking...

Aut also my mom’s...

And thousands of my loyal clients.

I’ll be revealing to you...

THE #1 MALFUNCTION damaging your pelvic area causing leaking, lower back, hip and pelvic pain.

And the best part is...

You’re going to be shocked how easy it is to fix.

Imagine how good it will feel to be pain free and not have to stay close to the bathroom anymore!

I’ll even be sharing with you...

The three biggest mistakes

Doctors tell women to help firm up their pelvic muscles, but are actually making everything much weaker, while causing your accidents happen more often.

If you’ve been struggling with intimacy due to urine odor or 'looseness'...

Old people laughing.

You will want to keep watching right now because...

I’m about to expose the HIDDEN CAUSE...

That is KILLING your pelvic area, making
sex ‘not feel like it used to’ and it’s
STOPPING you from having a fulfilling
relationship with your spouse.

And, it gets even better when your pelvic
muscles are stronger...

Your orgasms will be as well!

Imagine not being chained by the fear of embarrassment and being able to break free from those chains.

Leaking is very common especially for women after childbirth, but it can honestly happen to anyone.

And that’s why you are going to LOVE the one quick stretch I'm about to show you that will stop you from peeing your pants nearly overnight.

In just a few moments you can begin to free yourself of this condition FOR GOOD.

Couple in bed.

This leaking has been holding you back from the body you deserve and the life you deserve

You'll finally be able to run around with little ones in the back yard without leak spots on the seat of your pants and you’ll no longer miss out on dinner parties or great times at the lake.

It was minutes before the weekend when the call came in.

The look of fear and distress on my mom’s face, as she held her eyes tightly shut and hung up the phone.

I have Triple Negative Breast Cancer...
a rare, life-threatening and aggressive disease


We were all in shock and devastated by the news.

My mom, who had always been my hero...

Was about to start the most challenging fight of her life.

She completed many invasive surgeries, destructive chemotherapy and painful radiation.

Older couple.

While she underwent this terrible treatment, we had no idea what was happening to her body would end up making her feel less comfortable as a woman, affecting her pelvic muscles, bladder control and confidence.

And as my dad watched my mom suffer from this horrible disease, he didn’t know that it would end up damaging their relationship in ways he could never have imagined.

At the time of my mom’s cancer treatment,
I didn’t know how to handle my emotions

Fit girl.

I learned to run away from my panic attacks by going to fitness classes.

Tears would stream down my sweat dripping cheeks every time I moved my body.

This escape became my obsession...

As well as the beginning of my career as a fitness instructor.

What I didn’t know...

Was that my body was also being destroyed from the inside out and I was on my way to developing serious health problems as well.

I didn’t know then...

But I was about to face the same health problems as my mom.

I’m going to share something that
I have been too embarrassed to ever
talk about publicly up until now


One spring afternoon I was teaching my final class of the day.

I yelled out with encouragement to my students, and all of a sudden…

I accidentally peed myself.

I was devastated.

Everyone in the class stared in horror at the sight of me standing at the front of the room, soaked.

I bet you can imagine how humiliated I felt.

But it gets worse...

Little did I know, I had a deadly malfunction hiding in the deepest layers of my body.

That’s what caused my horrific experience in front of the classroom.

This malfunction was causing extreme destruction the more active I was.

If you have ever leaked accidentally you could
be a victim too
on the verge of spiralling into
other serious health problems as well

Old lady smiling.

Although leaking is more relevant after childbirth...

It can happen to any woman, at anytime.

However, the good news is...

I found out leaking is so much easier to fix than you could ever imagine and I’ll be revealing exactly how to next.

I started to realize that the exercises that used to make me feel great, were actually causing my pelvic muscles to become weak.

The worst part was that whenever I tried to jump or run I was leaking.

I started to lose control of my bladder.

I felt lonely and isolated.

I had never had children before and I was personally experiencing the same issues many postpartum women have to deal with.

I went to the doctor for help,
but it just made it worse

I’ll be sharing with you the three doctor recommended things women are told will help stop their leaking but are actually causing severe damage to their pelvic muscles and bladders.

As hard as this experience was for me...

I felt like I could finally breathe again because my mom experienced a true miracle that stunned our entire family and her entire medical team.


Her cancer went into remission!

However, as a result of her cancer treatment, her body was sent into early menopause.

It caused dysfunction in her pelvic muscles and often times she would fail to make it to the bathroom in time.

She was constantly leaking.

You could tell she was becoming more anxious and insecure as the days went on.

She stayed in the house as often she could and stopped socializing with her friends.

Sad woman.

It broke my heart.

I wish I knew then what I know now...

But I’m so glad that I can help YOU!

In a moment, I’ll be unveiling the three tips...

Doctors are telling women to do during and after menopause that are damaging their pelvic muscles, causing them to leak.

My mom tried taking prescription medication to calm her bladder...

In hopes of stopping her leakage.

After waiting several weeks for the expensive drugs to kick in she started to experience side effects of nausea and heartburn that became worse every time the medication entered her body.

She was back to square one, still leaking,
and she felt more alone than ever.

After peeing myself in front of
my class,
I was desperate

Sad woman.

I had to figure out what was wrong with my body...

So that is when I called my doctor.

After that appointment, I was sent to several other expensive specialists, all without any signs of improvement.

I began to notice a trend repeating with all of the specialists.

They were all sharing with me the exact same THREE TIPS to stop leakage by strengthening the pelvic floor.

I was shocked to find out these three things were actually causing more damage to my pelvic muscles while making my bladder even more uncontrollable.

I’ll be sharing with you these three doctor recommendations shortly…

I’m also going to share with you
an easy 3-step movement sequence that will stop your leaking...

all without...

  • Toxic medications that carry harmful side effects
  • Diapers and pads that only temporarily fix the problem
  • Risky surgery that is tremendously expensive and time-consuming

My mom and I were both felt like
our bodies had been permanently destroyed

Woman looking at mirror.

But, I wasn’t ready to throw in the towel just yet.

What we didn’t know at the time was that just one short month later we would both be glowing with happiness and our leaking would be gone!

If you've been struggling with intimacy with your spouse because of your fear of urine odor and weak pelvic muscles you will be amazed how quickly you’ll be able to turn things around gaining your self-confidence and fulfilling relationship back.

Medical bill.

I’ll be sharing with you the THREE TIPS doctors are telling women to do after having children that is causing leakage making their pelvic muscles weak and their bellies bulge.

You must stop these...

Otherwise you could end up with medical bills and debt piling up and I am absolutely positive your issues are only going to get worse.

Did you know...

Abdominal pain.

If you feel like your body was never the same after having kids it could be because you have a seperation in your abdominals?

Women often think they just have extra belly fat after their pregnancy.

I will be touching more on this in a moment...

And I’ll be sharing exactly how to repair it to gain a flat, toned tummy.

I’m also about to reveal to you...

THE #1 INVISIBLE MALFUNCTION hiding out in the deepest layers of your body.

It’s causing your abdominal area to bulge and it’s making your pelvic floor weak.

Until you solve this sneaky defect it’s going to spiral into much more severe problems such as...

Abdominal pain.
  • Toxic medications that carry harmful side effects
  • Diapers and pads that only temporarily fix the problem
  • Risky surgery that is tremendously expensive and time-consuming

In fact, while you’ve been spending all of your time on kegels and lower body exercises you’re going to be shocked when I reveal that the real culprit is actually a muscle in your upper body AROUND YOUR CHEST AND SHOULDERS.

And I’m going to tell you exactly what muscle that is and I’ll show you how to release it next.

Let’s start with the three doctor recommendations I need to warn
you about...

Everyone says that kegels help strengthen your vaginal walls and pelvic floors

But did you know that this so called 'strengthening' trick can be extremely unsafe?

So many women think their pelvic floor is loose, weak, stretched out.

However, most of the time their pelvic floor is so tight that it actually has become weak.

Rubber band.

Picture a normal rubber band at rest...

It’s pliable, can stretch and then go back to its normal tension.

It is functional and works very well.

This rubber band represents our pelvic floor muscles.

However, if the rubber band is chronically tight, overworked and stretched it becomes weak.

It no longer has room to stretch or work.

Instead it will break due to its constantly stretched state.

Same thing goes for our pelvic floor muscles when they are overworked and tight.


However, not everyone is the same...

So I’m going to show you a really easy test you can do that takes just two minutes to determine if your pelvic muscles are tight or loose.

Based on that, if they’re tight I’m going to tell you to toss those kegels to the curb and I will show you how to release your tight muscles.

If your pelvic muscles are loose I’m going to show you the right kind of kegels that will actually get you real benefits rather than wasting your time on all of the squeeze and release you’ve been doing without seeing any results.

Women have been told to suck in their bellies to get pooch or wear restrictive clothing such as Spanx

But did you know it’s making your abdominals and pelvic muscles weak?

By constantly ‘sucking it in’ or ‘holding it in’, it creates shallow breathing which stops the air flow into the rest of your body.


When you can’t breathe deeply, your abdominals stop working which is the communication line between your brain and pelvic floor.

It’s like having a restrictive corset on your body squeezing in and shutting down your abdominals leaving your pelvic floor weak and dysfunctional.

Many women have been told to do
crunches to strengthen their abdominals

However, you will want to stop those crunches immediately if you have diastasis recti because too much pressure on your core can make your diastasis worse.

You will want to start by reducing any pressure on your core.

Even pushing a stroller can be too much.

The following exercises are considered ‘diastasis unsafe’ in the beginning...

  • Push ups
  • Planks
  • V-sits
  • Rolling like a ball
  • Burpees
  • Pikes on a ball
  • Ab rollouts
  • Crunches
  • Sit ups


This doesn’t mean you can’t slowly begin to intensify the abdominal load as you get stronger.

While rehabbing diastasis recti you want to slowly progress to the point where you can handle these front-loading movements because eventually they will become ‘diastasis safe’ as you get stronger.

If you’re moving or exercising in these ways you could be making your leakage and belly pooch much worse because of the deadly malfunction I’m about to reveal to you next.

If you’re a candidate for any of these doctor recommendations...

STOP immediately!

Otherwise you could be standing on the edge of a slippery cliff about to plummet into debilitating illness.

If you choose to take the path of surgery they are risky, painful and sometimes it doesn't even work.

You will be forced into overpriced medical bills and months off of work or even playing with your grandchildren in the backyard.

I’m about to show you a
3-step movement sequence...

3 Step Movement Sequence.

That will strengthen your pelvic muscles stop your leaking and give you fast results that you will notice even on day 1.

It is so easy and gentle too.

In fact, I was amazed...

By how fast I stopped my own leaking once I figured out this 3-step method.

I’ve never had a dreadful leak again and finally, I am able to get back to the activities I love such as spending time outdoors and gardening.

I'll be telling you exactly what this simple 3-step movement sequence is in a momen.

Also, you’re not going to believe when I show you how to release the one tight muscle in your upper body that I guarantee you have never thought of that is causing all of your troubles down below.

After months and months of wasted medical bills and all of my doctor's advice I finally hit rock bottom.

Woman laughing.

I couldn’t bring myself to go back into the studio again there was so much pain in my pelvic floor and I didn’t want to risk the embarrassment of leaking again.

I called in sick because I didn’t want to face anybody.

I was sitting in my robe and it was barely noon.

I began to search for ways to heal my pelvic floor.

I dedicated all of my time to reading research studies and personal stories from people all around the world.

I was desperate to find a solution and I couldn’t
continue to live in a constant state of fear.

All of a sudden...

I came upon a Physical Therapist who studied at Charles University School of Medicine in Prague in 1952.

I started looking into his unconventional studies and they were appalling.

I was shocked to find out...

That women are wasting their time on kegels and crunches while never seeing any results because they actually have an imbalance in their core muscles...

And while most doctors have only been trained to look at the organs this genius of a Physical Therapist decided to take matters into his own hands and look at the surrounding muscles.

This is when he discovered
LAYER syndrome

Abdominal canister.

Layer syndrome is an imbalance of your muscles and in this case, the muscles in the core are out of balance.

Your ‘core’ is an abdominal canister...

On the top you have your breathing muscles, known as your diaphragm on the sides you have your abdominal wall... And the bottom is your pelvic floor.

The pelvic floor is a woven basket of muscles that hold your bladder, uterus and bowels.

The pelvic floor relaxes to allow us to urinate or have a bowel movement.

It contracts to stop the flow of urine tightens the vaginal opening or prevents us from passing stool or gas.

Inhale exhale illustrations.

When you inhale...

Your diaphragm presses down, which pushes out on your abdominal wall and down on your pelvic floor.

Everything descends down.

This relaxes the pelvic floor.

When you exhale...

Your diaphragm coils back up your abdominal wall goes back in and your pelvic floor lifts back up.

This contracts the pelvic floor.

If you have LAYER syndrome...

Layer syndrome.

Your diaphragm, abdominal wall and pelvic floor... (aka your abdominal canister) is out of balance and is no longer functioning as one.

One contributing cause of layer syndrome is shallow breathing.

If you are constantly shallow breathing and not focusing on breathing correctly your diaphragm will lose its connection to your abdominal wall and pelvic floor.

I’ll be sharing how to breathe correctly in a moment I mentioned a few moments ago that shallow breathing is like wearing a restrictive corset that is squeezing in and shutting down your abdominals the link between your diaphragm and pelvic floor.

Your pelvic floor will no longer relax and contract automatically therefore it will become weak and frail.

Layer Syndrome can be extremely dangerous and can cause serious side effects.

Leaking... A protruding belly bulge... Or a distinct bulging at the vagina opening (aka pelvic organ prolapse) are just three signs from your body WARNING you of this muscle imbalance.

Hello, LAYER syndrome

Layer syndrome.

Leaking alone affects 200 million people worldwide.

25 million of those people are Americans... and 75-80% of those are women.

Hundreds of thousands of women...

Are seeking surgery every year to strengthen their pelvic floors or repair their abdominal separation...

But they are finding that their problems only get worse, and they end up in a mess of complications.

If you don’t solve your leaking naturally, you could end up being one of these women...

left in a sticky situation with more pain and problems from when they started off.

Layer syndrome.

If only those women knew...

How easy it is to fix their pelvic floors and cores...

Without the expensive...


And time-consuming surgeries.

Now, a little more about DIASTASIS RECTI...
the separation of your middle abdominal muscles

Your linea alba, the tissues between your abdominals become thin and stretched out from a large abdomen and can create either a dome or gap, or bulging appearance on your belly.

After pregnancy, often times the muscles don’t fully heal back together whether it’s at the top, the bottom, or even the entire thing.

Different variation of diastasis recti.

The reason your diastasis recti won’t heal back together is because YOU HAVE LAYER SYNDROME IN YOUR CORE.

This is commonly due to weight gain... Or childbirth and the pressure of the baby on your pelvic floor even if you had a c-section which prevents the healing process from taking place.

Your pelvic floor, abdominal wall and breathing muscles are no longer communicating which creates weakness and dysfunction in all parts.

I work with women all the time that are punishing themselves with restrictive diets and overdoing it with crunches to tone and flatten their bellies while never seeing any results.

Little do they know they have layer syndrome which is only going to make their bellies bulge EVEN MORE...

Until they fix this imbalance.

However, you’ll be shocked how easy it is to heal layer syndrome. And it can be done naturally without painful and risky surgeries that have high chances of failing anyway.

And I’ll be sharing with you next...

How to release the one tight muscle around your neck and shoulders that is making it harder for you to breathe affecting your diaphragm function...

Two women.

Therefore the rest of your abdominal canister.

After that day...

I started a 3-step movement sequence that COMPLETELY healed my layer syndrome which strengthened my pelvic floor and stopped my leaking.

I even tried it on my mom...

And not only does she no longer leak whenever she laughs, coughs or sneezes but it also healed her diastasis recti leaving her with a firm and flat tummy.

Once you try it out for yourself... You’ll be thrilled that you can finally stop spinning your wheels with starvation diets and back breaking crunches.

You’re also going to be shocked...

Hunched posture.

When I show you how to release the one tight muscle in your upper body making your layer syndrome severely worse.

You will finally be able to heal your leaking and diastasis recti creating balance in your abdominal canister...even faster than before.

Your pecs run across your chest and attach to your shoulders.

Hunched posture. Straight posture.

When they get too tight they pull our shoulders forward causing our posture to round forward known as 'hunched forward posture'.

Try this with me...

Slouch in your chair with your shoulders rounded forward.

Now try to take a deep breath.

You will notice you can’t get a deep breath.

Now try it sitting straight up with your shoulders back.

You will notice you can get a deeper breath.

This posture makes our breath shallow because it condenses and squishes our breathing muscles in our diaphragm.

And as I mentioned earlier...

Without deep breathing our abdominal canister becomes weak and dysfunctional because the diaphragm no longer connects to the abdominal wall and pelvic floor.

It’s like trying to drive a car with only 3 wheels, it doesn’t work.

I know this can all be really overwhelming but if you’ve ever experienced the panic of leaking you know exactly how awful this can be...

And that’s why I’m here to help you!

Two women.

You’re going to love...

To be able to get back to shopping trips with your girlfriends and enjoy evening cocktails on the patio.

All without having to stay close to the bathroom.


By simply doing a variation of this pec stretch every evening before bed not only can you heal your shoulder pain but it will leave you with beautiful posture to create natural deep breathing patterns to heal your pelvic floor, diastasis recti and abdominal canister.

Here’s what stretching your pecs is going to do for you.

On day one, your chest will feel more open and your posture will slightly improve.

But the cool thing is after a few days of doing this easy stretch all of a sudden...

I will show you several variations
of this stretch, including:

  • One for bed
  • One for in the privacy of your own your bathroom
  • During the day at your desk
  • And even one for really flexible people
  • If you have a shoulder injury, I even have a special modification that will work well for you and CAN actually heal your injury and stop any nerve pain you may have.

This leaking has been
holding you back...

...from the body you deserve and the life you deserve.

Imagine not being chained by the fear of embarrassment and being able to break free from those chains.

You will finally be able to live an active lifestyle and no longer miss out on dinner parties or outings at the lake.

I’ve personally stopped taking my anxiety medication because my worried nerves have gone away.

I’m sleeping through the night again and I finally have tons of energy to spend on my relationship with my spouse.

Woman sleeping.

I am present, in love and my dreams of
starting a family are in the near future


I’ve also dropped the ten pounds I put on over the past year because I was too ashamed and fearful to step foot into the gym.

I’m getting back into running near the ocean in the mornings and I no longer have to wear black pants to hide any wetness.

I am eating healthier because I’m in a better mindset and I can finally look in the mirror and feel good about myself again.

It felt like my mom was finally lighting up the room again with her laughter.

She was given a second chance at life.
She was a new woman.

Couple kissing.

She had been restricting her diet and doing a million crunches for years all without any results and finally after four short weeks...

She has lost fifteen pounds and did this without any diet or long hours in the gym.

Her tummy is toned and tight and she is finally happy again.

She no longer wears overheating, camouflaging clothes and she looks effortlessly beautiful in tank tops and summer dresses.

She is way more relaxed because she can control her bladder...

And it melts my heart the way my dad looks at my mom now with her glowing self-confidence.

It’s obvious when they flirt with each other that they have their intimacy back.

She doesn’t spend her spare time
going to doctors appointments anymore



She is getting back into power walking.

She told me she is starting to go swimming on the weekends.

And she has been entertaining friends cooking flavourful dinners...

And drinking even better wine.

I started to share the secret method with my clients and it was no surprise they all experienced the same outcome.

It was incredible!

In fact not only did the program strengthen their pelvic floors, stop their leakage and flatten their bellies but they also shared with me their chronic lower back and groin pain was gone.

They no longer suffer from pulling or bulging at the vagina opening and they were sleeping better because of it!

The word began to spread like WILDFIRE.
I was changing lives left, right and center

As women started to appear in my life suffering from the same ailments it made me think about how many women are still around with leaking and diastasis recti and too embarrassed to talk about it.


Many of these women are under the impression that they aren’t fixable or their doctor told them surgery was the only option.

A lot of them are not even fully aware of their condition.

I want you to know...

That it is possible to fix your body.

What you’re going through is something many other women have experienced before and found success healing their bodies naturally.

I made it my life's mission to positively impact and educate women on how it is possible to turn your health around and feel like you again.

My goal is to help you regain
your confidence, joy and strenght

Imagine how good it will feel when you can put on your favourite dress and stay out with family and friends, without constantly worrying about where the nearest bathroom is.

You’ll be able to fully enjoy your evening because you’re not distracted, waiting for a warning sign that you’re about to leak.

However, I didn’t have the resources to pay for big manufacturers or costly advertisers...

That’s when a couple friends of mine suggested that I should create an online program.

Skipping ahead to a few months later...

Couple hugging.

I’m SO excited to introduce to you...

Pelvic Floor Strong

Total core and pelvic floor repair method.

This program is the set of keys you’ve been
waiting for to a live happy, healthy life

Pelvic Floor Strong strengthens your pelvic floor... Puts intimacy back in your life, giving you self-confidence, while making sex feel good again.

This is the only program out there that heals leaking and diastasis recti with the consideration of layer syndrome.

Healthy program.

All you need is the 3-movement sequence I designed to efficiently heal your body without cutting into your valuable time.

It’s going to give you the secrets to belly flattening, diastasis healing and a strong pelvic floor.

Pelvic Floor Strong alleviates lower back and hip pain, while correcting your posture with the quick pec stretch variations I have simply laid out for you.

It stops your anxiety and depression and lets you fall asleep faster and stay asleep throughout the night.


Michelle, 40 years

I have been working with Alex for years now and I have never felt healthier or more fit! My body feels so good. She has made me fall inlove with fitness and I actually enjoy exercise now.

Alex is truly an expert and my favourite trainer. Her knowledge of the body is incredible and I couldn’t recommend her more!

Lorna, 79 years

I have been leaking my entire life after having three children. I thought it was normal and I can remember many times being out of the house and I had to rush home because my pants were soaked.

After trying Alex’s program, I have totally stopped leaking. I no longer have to worry about having an accidental in public. It is also a nice surprise that my core is now stronger and my back pain has gone away. All without having to make any changes to my routine! 3 minutes, that’s all!

Anette, 55 years

My anxiety was beginning to take over my life because I couldn’t control my bladder. I have been practicing Alex’s program for the past 10-weeks, and since starting it my leaking has completely gone away. I was able to stop taking my anxiety and acid reflux medication! I have been going for 10 kilometer walks because I don’t have to stay close to the washroom anymore and I have lost 10 pounds already! I don’t have any intention in stopping, I have never felt so motivated to keep up with my exercises.

My wish is for every woman suffering from urinary incontinence to be able to try Alex’s program.

Pelvic Floor Strong is an informational video with easy to understand concepts that will stop your leaking and diastasis recti

It is evidence based and trusted by Doctors, Midwives and Personal Trainers.

  • In chapter 2, you will learn how to do a proper kegel that I promise you’ve never heard of before to strengthen your loose pelvic floor muscles.
  • In chapter 3, you will learn how to engage your abdominals and strengthen your core to heal your leaking and flatten your belly.
  • In chapter 4, you will learn how to shift your stance slightly to use 30% more of your muscles. When you use more of your muscles, it boosts your metabolism. You’ll be shocked at how such a simple trick will shed weight off of your body.
  • In chapter 6, you’ll learn the 3-step movement sequence that will strengthen your abdominal canister, including your pelvic floor and core, healing leaking and stopping vaginal bulging and/or heaviness.
  • In chapter 7, you’ll discover 3 easy steps to add to your routine which will stop leaking immediately.
Pelvic floor strong.

Just imagine...

Healthy program.

What it will feel like to wear your favourite lightweight summer dress or white linen pants to dinner parties without worrying about the embarrassment it used to lead to.

Now all you need to think about is what kind of wine you prefer as you walk around, catching up with people you care about.

Or how it will feel in the department store dressing room when you are able to look in the mirror at your toned body and flat tummy and feel beautiful in your own skin again.

Healthy program.

You’ll have more energy to go on long walks with the girls without lower back, groin or hip pain.

Just imagine what it will feel like to have a restful night’s sleep…

And how energized you feel while enjoying things you love again...

Like a cooking class... Or dance lessons with your spouse...

All without the fear of being exhausted the next day.

You’re going to feel strong, confident and powerful in your own body...

So that you can finally feel like you again. And because you’ve read this letter...

I know you’re invested in your health... And that’s why I want to invest in you.

You’re going to receive two special bonus products that will enhance your results:

Pelvic Floor Strong Information Handbook

Bonus 1.

It is filled with all of the content from the video so that you can access the information at any time.

In it, you will find the written out steps on how to achieve a stronger pelvic floor, pec stretches for perfect posture and at 3-step movement sequence.

There is also a diastasis recti improvement checklist so that you can track your progress throughout the program.

Normally this Informational Handbook and checklist sells for $27...

but because I want you to feel beautiful again as quickly as possible, I will be giving it to you for free today!

Flat Belly Fast Exercise Video

Bonus 2.

This is a 10-minute Quick Start Video Routine full of my favourite ab exercises.

I found once my clients saw their incredible results from Pelvic Floor Strong, they wanted even more tummy toning exercises.

This routine is jam-packed with ‘diastasis safe’ exercises that have proven to alleviate back pain, heal diastasis recti and whittle your waist.

By following along you will gain a flat tummy even faster.

...and the FLAT BELLY FAST Exercise Manual!

Normally FLAT BELLY FAST Exercise Manual sells for $17, but because I want you to experience the same slimming results my mom and I did...

It is my gift to you!

And now I have one more amazing surprise from my dear friend Emily Lark


You may have heard of Emily before…

She is known as America's leading healthy back expert.

However, one thing most people don’t know about her is that I used to suffer from embarrassing accidental leakage for many years after the birth of her second child...

“It was impossible for me to do things I used to love like go for a run or get up and dance at weddings...and I was even scared every time I sneezed in public.

But then my good friend Alex told me about her program and now I finally have control over my body again and I don’t have to be afraid of those humiliating moments anymore.

Alex, I can’t thank you enough! You changed my life. And I’m so grateful that I want to give a special gift to you and all the other women out there who are watching and feeling as hopeless as I did.

I know that it’s very common for women with pelvic floor issues to also suffer from back pain...

Back to life.

So today I’m going to give away my back to life 3-Stretch Pain-free program to anyone who decides to take the first step in reclaiming their body with Alex’s life-changing program.

My special Back to Life 3-Stretch Pain-Free program has my three best at-home stretches to help relieve lower back pain and sciatica, Middle and upper back pain, and neck and shoulder pain - in just three easy stretches!

This is a 3-sequence stretching system I have developed over the years and it has helped hundreds of thousands of people of all ages to get out of pain and get back to life. And the best part is that these stretches can either be done down on the floor or right in your bed to make it easy for everyone!

This step by step video program normally sells
for $49 but today I’m giving it away for free

Alex has helped me so much and I’m just grateful to have the opportunity to give something back in return.

So as soon as you decide to claim your copy of Pelvic Floor Strong, you’ll also get instant access to my Back to Life 3 Stretch Pain-Free Video so you can get started today.”

When I sat down with my agent to add up all of the costs of the time it has taken me to create Pelvic Floor Strong, he told me I should be charging $150 for the entire program.

If you take into consideration all of my certifications and education... All of the time I have spent working hands on with clients.

Not to mention the cost of graphic designers, an illustrator, photographers, videographers, video editors and a recording studio, it made sense.

But I left his office feeling like that wasn’t right.

I don’t want to charge you that much and risk you, and other women who need it, to miss out because of the price.

This is an epidemic
so many women are facing...

And I would never want the price of the program to be the reason women continue suffering!

This program isn’t about making money...

It’s about leaving people better off in the world.

And that’s why I originally decided to mark it down to $79 which after factoring in all of the costs I have incurred, is a great deal.

When I first published the program, people couldn’t get enough of it.

Then and now. Then and now. Then and now.

But deep down, I still wanted to find a way to make it even more accessible.

I want every woman in the world to experience the same life changing results my mom and I did.

So I decided to lower the price one more time. Finally I settled for a one-time payment of...

Digital Package

Digital Download Only

Physical Package.


Physical Package

Physical Copies +
Instant Access to Digital Products

Physical Package.

$150$59+ S&H

For a one time payment you will receive a nation-wide tested program filled with information and movements that are easy to implement into your busy life.

This program will change the way you look at fitness and health and for less than half of the price of one visit to your doctor you’ll be able to make a stand today, preventing permanent damage... Taking quality years off of your life.

Imagine the cost of all of the diapers, pads and bedding you’ve purchased over one year...


I know personally how this can be a terrible financial burden.

This limited time price is so much cheaper than living with this condition.

And, that’s not even with surgery in the picture...

which offer a whole new level of debts and problems.

Not only that, but you will have to take months off of work while you’re recovering which can also cause the debt to pile up.

How will you pay your mortgage if things go sideways and you can’t go back to work?

For less than $2 a day over one month, you will be investing in a program that you will be able to pull from and use as a resource for the rest of your life.

In fact, I hope you share this information with your girlfriends and family as well!

Once you click the button...

You’ll be on your way to a fast recovery, giving you many years of joy and memories with your loved ones.

I’m so confident Pelvic Floor Strong will work for you and that’s why I’m willing to take on all of the risk, out of my own pocket...

I’m giving you a
60-day money back guarantee

If you don’t see results within the first 60 days you can return the product at any time, for any reason.

Even if you don’t like the pictures in the manual you can return it by sending one email or one quick phone call that won’t take no longer than 90 seconds.

Alex Miller.

I will give you your money back right away, no questions asked.

That’s all, one simple step.

You won’t risk a thing…

And you have so much to gain.

Your doctor isn’t going to give you your money back if their suggestions don’t work...

No store is going to let you return all of the pads and diapers you’ve used over the years that never solved your problems and no surgeon is ever going to give you a refund on the costly surgery if it doesn’t work for you.

There is absolutely no reason that would stop us from refunding you 100% of your money.

With one click, you too can experience life without leaking or diastasis recti with zero risk and 100% reward.

Just picture what your spouse is
going to think of you
when he
sees how toned your body is...

and how excited he will be when you are no longer avoiding intimacy with him.

Imagine how it will feel to finally go out together again instead of worrying about the impact on your marriage from always staying behind.

Picture the look on everyone's faces when you walk into your yoga class...

20 pounds lighter... Feeling fabulous in your light colored tights.

Elder couple dancing.

Once you click...

Picture what it will feel like to be able to fit into your pre-pregnancy clothes and not have to pick your outfits carefully in case another leak slips out when you’re in public.

Digital Package

Digital Download Only

Physical Package.


Physical Package

Physical Copies +
Instant Access to Digital Products

Physical Package.

$150$59+ S&H

You’re only one click away from living the life you deserve.

Right now you’re at a crossroads with two very different options…

You don’t buy the program

Back pain.

Your leaking is easy to cover up by wearing black pants...

Or it doesn’t happen often enough to be a real concern for you.

There are millions of women walking around and living with mild-moderate leaking thinking that it’s normal, until one day they find out about the permanent damage they caused in their bodies by not looking after their layer syndrome.

If you don’t take measures to repair your layer syndrome, the muscles in your pelvic floor, abdominals and the rest of your body become imbalanced, weak and can no longer hold your spine and pelvis in place.

Without the support of your spine and pelvis you will be left in crippling lower back pain, hip and groin pain, shooting nerves down your legs and more.

It can even disable you from walking or breathing on your own.

The days when you used to leak or have a bit of a tummy bugle will seem so far away.

Oxigen mask.

You may even be forced to endure costly and painful and dangerous surgeries.

How is your family is going to feel as they wait outside of the operating room for you?

This trauma will change them forever.

I’ll never forget how it felt waiting for news about my mom when she went through all her treatments.

I care about you, and I don’t want you to go through all of these things…

You DO buy the program

You won’t have to settle for relationships kept at a distance because you are ashamed someone to find out about your embarrassing health complications.

You’ll finally be able to build deeper connections with your grandchildren and family and you’ll finally be able to go to the swimming pool and feel great about yourself in your bathing suit.

My mission in life is to empower women like you to live big lives, full of confidence, where you accomplish your biggest dreams and goals.

Buy the program.

Pelvic Floor Strong is the set of keys you’ve been waiting for to set the rest of your life up for success.

This program stops your leaking, diastasis recti, and vaginal pulling.

With one click you will have everything you need to be fit and strong.

Take action now to save yourself from making the same mistakes my mom and I made when we hit rock bottom years back.


The faster you get started, the sooner you’ll have a flat belly, never worrying again about your leaking or prolapse ever again!

You’ve proven to me by watching this video you’re dedicated to solving your health problems that have been holding you back.

And for this low limited time price, you will receive a quality information you’ll use every day.

If for any reason you’re not happy with the program you have 60 full days to return it, no questions asked, money back guarantee.

If you don’t act right now I can promise you will end up with lower back, hip and groin pain and even worse uncontrollable leaking.

We learned the hard way, but you have a chance to be free of this quickly and easily.

I know you don’t want to live in a life of fear, so click right now to experience the healthy, happy life you’ve always wanted!

And I value privacy and security above everything else, so I wanted to make sure that your online order process is 100% secure.

I value privacy and security above everything else, so I wanted to make sure that your online
order process is 100% secure


That's why I chose Clickbank...

Clickbank is one of the world's top one hundred retailers and I chose them because they use the same encryption data as Amazon, the most secure software data out there.

Once you click the button the next page is going to pop up.

It’s going to ask for some brief information, once you enter it in this is a one-time payment and you will never be billed again.

Thank you so much for
reading this letter today...

I really hope this information helps you. Click the button right now and join me and the thousands of women who are loving their bodies again, living their fullest lives.

Then and now. Then and now. Then and now.

Frequently Asked Questions

What if I just don’t have enough time in my day to do this program?

Don’t worry, I know how busy life can get. Whether you’re a grandparent watching your grandkids while running a household or a working woman, this program was made to be quick and easy so that it blends seamlessly into your normal life.

Will this work for someone who is 60+?

Yes, this program is specifically for women 40+, however I’ve found some of the best results are from women 60+. I have designed modifications and variations in the movements to customize the program for your specific needs.

What if I’m not in good enough shape?

This program is the most gentle movement program in the market with the most efficient results. If you find any of the movements are too much for you, there is plenty of non-intimidating modifications to build your strength from the ground, up.

Will this program work for someone who had their children 15+ years ago?

Yes, in fact, the longer it has been since you had your children, the easier it will be to heal your layer syndrome, stopping your leaking and diastasis recti.

What if I’ve had a C-section, will this program still work for me?

Yes, in fact, many women experience leakage and weak pelvic muscles even if they’ve had a C-section due to the weight and pressure of the baby. This is very common and Pelvic Floor Strong will work just as well for you.

What if I’ve never given birth, will this program will work for me?

Although these ailments are more common in women after childbirth, I personally have never had children and I experienced pelvic floor dysfunction and leaking. This program will still help you the exact same way it helped me!

Is all of my credit card information secure and safe?

Yes, your personal information is 100% protected because we use the same encryption data as Amazon, the most secure software data on the market.

Will my credit card be billed more than once?

No, once you enter your credit card information, you will be charged a one time payment. You will never be charged again.

What if this program doesn’t work for me?

If the program doesn’t work for you, you have a 60-day money back guarantee, no questions asked.

PS. You’re in good hands and I’ll be with you every step of the way. I’ve designed this with your health in mind. Please make sure to write in afterto let me know about your amazing results.

PS. You’re in good hands and I’ll be with you every step of the way.

I’ve designed this with your health in mind.

Please make sure to write in after to let me know about your amazing results.

Click the button NOW

Digital Package

Digital Download Only

Physical Package.


Physical Package

Physical Copies +
Instant Access to Digital Products

Physical Package.

$150$59+ S&H

Guarantee Badge.
60 Day Full Refund Guaranteed

If you are not completely satisfied with your purchase, we will give you your money back right away.

No questions asked!